Security Cooperation

No matter if you are an individual or a corporation, we seek out to analyze every bits of of your data-traffic and/or your software for possible security breaches.

We engineer and monitor any software you use or develop, gather information from any 3rd parties that you relate with. And we do not stick with just your systems, we even look after your data on remote systems and investigate them.

As soon as we gather "information" on systems you are using, we try to exploit and find weaknesses on them.

In general we do not intent to make one-time security checks and get away. We would like to prefer a continuous security analyses and going deeper and deeper if you like. Because of that we generally use three different business models;

  • Time basis: We work in a limited time with fixed price. Depending on time-length we plan to look after from most-important to less-important data-traffics and software that they transferred over.

  • Severity basis: We work in unlimited time period. And we get paid by rate of vulnerabilitiy severities we find.

  • Time and Severity basis: We work in limited time and get paid by rate of: time plus severity of the vulnerabilities.

Consult to a Sceptive.

If you want to consult to a second opinion or you don't know how to be sure that you are keeping your data secure enough, then you can get in touch with us. We share everything we know of to help you understand better.


Yes, of course we train people and we love it. But we hate to bore them with long presentations and theoretical speeches. We show them real things and tell them what they are facing with.

The most common thing we do before training is just observing your I.T. stack. We list vulnerabilities one by one and create a training program by detailing vulnerabilities from bottom to top. That makes people "aware" and not forget.

But if you like to create a basic understanding of security, we start with making people;

  • To understand who are the bad guys and how they think

  • To learn which techniques they use basically

  • To master how simply you can prevent your organization from them

  • To get aware of how the data is important and valuable at stake

For more... just get in touch with root. Mail to root {at} sceptive {dot} com