Forgiva Enterprise

Enterprise level of Forgiva emerges the most secure password management solution for the corporations.

Corporate Security Breach Protection

Any malware targeting corporate networks and attackers are stopped by design. Forgiva Enterprise is a dedicated server-side software which contains all metadatas to generate passwords. Even though all network gets compromised there is no way to access corporate metadata to regenerate passwords belongs to all enterprise.

Integrated Enterprise Password Renewal

If you want to update all the passwords at a specific time or at a given interval? No problem.Forgiva Enterprise enforces users to update their passwords where-ever they use and whenever you want.

Mobile Access

For iOS and Android platforms Forgiva Enterprise provides mobile applications to ease access to re-generate your passwords at any time at any place.

The revolutionary password managing technology:

One of the key problems in enterprise security is authentication management for big amount of individuals on wide range of systems.

Most of the time updating access keys and delivering them in a secure way can be painful and time consuming. On the other hand storages of the passwords and keys in a secure place always creates a theoretical vulnerability targeted by attackers.

Forgiva Enterprise fixes all these problems resides in enterprise password and key management methods with highly secure way.


The technology provides

Stateless password generation technology which does not need to store passwords anywhere.

Visual confirmation system to protect itself from malwares and keyloggers.

Enterprise certification of the passwords which generates corporate specific keyspace to create a black-box against the attackers

Very simple way to integrate enterprise password policies to centralize management for effective security.