In highly competitive markets of today, the main goal of companies is to manage their sales and distribution channels in the most effective manner possible, while maximizing profitability and efficiency.

Expert project teams of Sceptive offer consultancy and support services at planning stages and customizing Sceptive solutions to specific needs of businesses in line with their size and industrial requirements. Besides customization of existing solutions, software and integration development service is also offered for the specific needs of businesses.

Digital transformation consultancy

With digital transformation consultancy, we offer the services all together that are needed for guiding the businesses in the digitalizing world, identifying their current conditions and creating digital strategies for them. Here, the aim is to make sure that the businesses go through this transformation, which mainly focuses on human, most appropriately to their culture by identifying their priorities depending on their given situation.

Project management

Project management is a consultancy and audit service for managing projects such as adaptation of Sceptive solutions to businesses and custom software development by adhering to Sceptive’s Project Management Method. This service is offered together with project application and custom software development services.

Project application

Project Application service is a consultancy service offered in a way to encompass the stages of analysis, design, implementation, go-live, and attendance after go-live required for businesses to manage their processes via ERP and other functional solutions.

The projects are conducted in a disciplined manner by adhering to Sceptive’s Project Management method, and improvement opportunities and customer expectations always remain at the forefront throughout business processes.

Sceptive’s Project Management method is a value-added, detailed method starting from the activities before product sales to live user support steps for carrying out the projects successfully.

With this method, the goals are performing effective analysis and planning in projects, proper management of communication between stakeholders, and ensuring active participation of key users in the project.

Custom software development

With its experienced team of custom projects experts in various platforms, Sceptive offers custom applications on the basis of companies’ needs, and provide consulting, support, training, integration, hosting, and application maintenance services. The company produces business solutions to meet operational needs in the fields of Treasury Management, B2B systems, Data Collection, Consolidation and Central Reporting, and to support executives in their decision-making by the reporting systems prepared. Custom projects developed by Sceptive serve thousands of customers in close to 70 countries in multiple languages.

Customization and integration

In today’s intensely competitive environment, the businesses might need customization and integration needs for their software to support their individual business manner. Our expert teams offer Customization and Integration services to cover the processes specific to businesses with Sceptive’s project solutions. Improvements for integrating third party software into Sceptive solutions are a part of this service.

Post project support service

Post Project Support is a service offered following Project Application and Custom Software Development services to support users at businesses and manage new demands. Depending on the scope needed by the businesses, On-site Support, Call Center, Remote Connection and System Maintenance services are provided.