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Kyle: A password manager for paranoids.


For a password manager kyle differs with the others in two points;

  • It doesn't store any password so there is no file to steal and crack for attackers
  • So you can't store any given password from 3rd parties but demand your own

And kyle differs with password generators with;

  • Generated passwords are not random but a brute-force method can take trillions of years to crack just one

    For example on the test vectors Bill Gates' password tooks 12.11 secs on a MacBook Pro Early 2013 with 2,4 GHZ Intel Core i7. So even for a lazy master-key with 8 chars includes small-case-letters and numbers 36^8+36^7+36^5+36^4+36^3+36^2+36 equals 2901713047668 combination with 12.11 secs per combination try leads to 1,114,274 years to try all combinations.

  • It doesn't use any specific hash or encryption algorithm although it uses mixture of them by an algorithm to choose which generated from info and master-key.

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Capsule127 - A password cracker for clouds

Capsule127 is a password cracker using data-grid technologies.

Currently available for all platforms with JRE 6 but not tested on Windows platforms. It is using Hazelcast as open-source datagrid for high-performance data flow over network and concurrency necessities.

For now, it just supports following hash types;

  • (MY4) MySql pre 4.1
  • (MY5) Mysql post 4.1
  • (MS2005) Microsoft Sql Server 2005-2008
  • (MS2012) Microsoft Sql Server >= 2012
  • (O11) Oracle < 11g (DES)
  • (O) Oracle >= 11g (SHA1)
  • (LM) LanMan Hash
  • (NT) NT Hash

Planning to implement;

  • WPA-WPA2 Pre Shared Keys
  • SHA1, SHA256, SHA512
  • ZIP file
  • PDF
  • SHA3 (Keccak)
  • Camellia
  • MD4, MD5
  • HMAC-MD5
  • Cisco PIX
  • RipeMD160
  • Whirlpool
  • Various TrueCrypt 5+ hashes
  • Blowfish (openbsd)

Check it out at GitHub Page

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